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Business Solutions

Accounting for your business

When you're accounting for millions of dollars worth of debtors and stock the effectiveness of the controls provided by your IT systems are critical to maximising profitability and minimising stock losses. This is especially true if you have front line staff or customers interacting with your systems at multiple locations. In these environments thousands of specialised features and controls that each make a small percentage difference to efficiency, control and customer marketing can add up to significant increases in profitability.

Multi-national businesses can afford dedicated IT staff and customised software that's been refined to meet their specific business requirements. So how can independent businesses compete? The answer is to share the services of an IT company like Excellent Software & Solutions who focuses on industry specific solutions.

We have been helping to keep our customers at the top of their markets for 20+ years.

Retail-Plus Retail Management Solution

Our team proudly develops and supports the leading 'customer oriented' retail system in the New Zealand market since 1990; RETAIL-PLUS; integrating point of sale, customer marketing, web sales, business intelligence, service jobs, serialised inventory control, customer finance and multi-branch retail management into a comprehensive retail management solution. 

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HELIX Retail Management Solution

Helix Retail is the Next Generation of integrated retail management system.   Helix incorporates all the decades of business knowledge & know-how that made Retail-Plus the industry leader, but Helix is completely re-engineered to provide a modern efficient user experience and even more functionality! 

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Wholesale Distribution Solutions

We supply and support leading international accounting systems to 'mission critical' wholesale distribution businesses with sophisticated order entry and stock control requirements providing 'templated' business solutions based on our experience working with similar businesses. 

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Software Development

Utilising powerful object oriented database technology, our development department will consider bespoke business solution and niche market developments. 

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People Counting

Uncover the full potential of your retail operation by integrating a people counting solution into your video surveillance system. Retailers can optimise store performance by tweaking staffing levels and opening hours all while getting an accurate sales conversation rate. 

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