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Connectivity & Internet

ESL supplies managed private Wide Area Network (WAN) and Internet services over a range of mediums throughout New Zealand.

Whether you need a broadband internet connection for a single location, a fully redundant Wide Area Network (WAN) service to connect multiple locations, or a hybrid combination of both, we can design and build a solution to meet your needs. 

Our network solutions are telco agnostic, and we can utilise last mile connectivity from a range of different network providors including Chorus, Vodafone, FX, Vector, Enable & UFF, among others.  The core network is fully redundant with multi-gigabit throughput capacity.

Why XLNet Connectivity?

We speciailise in building extremely reliable and secure private WAN solutions, using proactive monitoring and quality providers to build networks capable of supporting business critical services.  Because we can offer a range of different connectivity types, and can custom build the network, we can ensure you are getting the best value for money while ensuring performance and support are not compromised.

  • National Availability - connectivity is available across the country and can be delivered using a range of copper and fibre based solutions.
  • Cost Effective - with a wide range of options for connectivity, we can ensure you’re getting the best value for money while ensuring performance and capacity is sized appropriately for each of your locations.
  • Zero Rated Internal Data - if you also use our hosting, online backup or disaster recovery services, then traffic between your locations and our data centre can be zero-rated, so it is not counted against your internet usage - this can amount to significant savings for these data intensive applications.
  • Redundancy - we can offer solutions utilising secondary backup connections, and even the 3G cellular network, to provide business continuity in the event of a network outage.
  • Dedicated Performance - in many cases, connectivity can be provided with a dedicated bandwidth portion and full QoS support for certain services such as VOIP or realtime applications such as Remote Desktop.
  • Shared Bandwidth - with multiple sites and our private WAN service, internet bandwidth can be shared between multiple sites, saving you from purchasing dedicated bandwidth or data for each individual site that needs connectivity.
  • Premium Internet Service - if quality and performance matter, then look no further.
  • International Peering - our upstream internet connectivity is peered directly with multiple locations in Australia, USA and Singapore, improving latency and reliability to large content and service providers such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft.



 XLNet Connectivity

Managed Private Wide Area Network (WAN)

Low cost copper access (ADSL)

High reliability copper access (HSNS)

High speed, high reliability Fibre-Optic access

Internet Access

National & International Bandwidth