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Disaster Recovery

We believe that any business should be prepared and able to recover from business interruption caused by IT Infrastructure failure.  Be it an earthquake, a fire, or a server failure, the result is the same; your critical services are offline, and your business needs them up and running again in the shortest possible timeframe.

What exactly is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster Recovery (DR) is fundamentally a plan.  A plan which sets out exactly what steps are taken to secure your business data, identifies risks, and sets out the steps that need to be taken in the event of disaster.

Our DR service consists of 4 key components:

  • Planning - we review and document your backup procedures, identify risks and develop strategies to mitigate risks, make recommendations for improvements, develop and document a plan for recovery in the event of disaster.  Your DR plan should be reviewed at least annually.  This planning service is included with some of our managed support plans.
  • Monitoring - we monitor and report on your backup performance, tracking the reliability of your backups, and reporting the outcomes to you so that you know how reliable your backups are operating.
  • Online Backup - we backup your critical data to our data centre, over the internet - safely, securely, automatically - in the event of natural disaster or fire, your data is safely stored away off site.  Online backup services simplify and automate backup while dramatically improving security and reliability of restores during disaster recovery.
  • Standby "hot spare" server availability - we can have a loan server available for your use in the event of server failure, fire, theft or flood - your DR backups can be restored onto the hotspare server, and you can be up and running again within 4 hours (excluding travel or shipping for remote locations).
  • Advance Recovery Environment - we provide dedicated server resources in our data centre, to which your backups can be recovered in an emergency.  This means that we can get your server up and running (on our infrastructure) extremely quickly (4 hours or less after server theft, fire or flood).

You can choose some or all of these key components to build a DR solution that fits your needs and budget.

  • No capital expenditure required.
  • Affordable fixed monthly price.
  • We run it, and look after it, you don't have to do anything; giving peace of mind.
  • Four hours or less from failure to up and running again.



Disaster Recovery



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