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Secure Remote Access

Secure Remote Access enables staff to connect directly and securely to your private business network, using a range of access technologies. This is a powerful solution for small to midsized organizations giving you simple, easy-to-manage remote access to files, remote desktops and more, anywhere, anytime.

Secure Remote Access key features:

  • Flexible VPN options - Any Where, Any Time, Any Device access with a range of VPN options, ensuring uninterrupted business operations, enhanced productivity and lower cost of operations by minimizing travel and infrastructure expenses.
  • IPSec, L2TP, PPTP and SSL VPN options offer flexible options for secure remote access.
  • SSL VPN web portal delivers flexible client-less VPN access
  • Layer 8 Identity-based Remote Access – Layer 8 Identity-based policies allow you to create differential policies based on username and work requirement e.g access to pre-specified applications for some staff, full access to telecommuters and more.  This capability limits data leakage and exposure to network threats, and ensures peace of mind that remote staff are accessing only the information they are supposed to access.
  • Threat-Free VPN Access – all VPN traffic is scanned for viruses, malware and security risks
  • Logging and Reporting – human Layer 8 Identity-based logging and reporting offers comprehensive visibility into VPN traffic, ensuring security and compliance. 


How can Secure Remote Access benefit my business?

  • Flexibility - with a variety of client and browser based solutions including IPSEC, SSL Client, and SSL-VPN portal, the solution can be tailored to your needs.
  • Speed and ease of deployment - Portal and SSL VPN technology allows fast deployment of your remote access solution without visiting each individual device.
  • Your choice of access technologies - national and global options include dial-up, ADSL, mobile data, WiFi and hotel ethernet.
  • Security - ecryption, content filtering, virus scanning and Layer 8 application management
  • Cost control and scalability - because it can be deployed as an on-premises solution OR as a managed service, you have control over costs.


Secure Remote Access

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