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Asset Management

To fully understand your network infrastructure, it's important to have accurate inventory and configuration information, and as your network grows, it can be difficult to keep track of exactly what hardware and software your own.  Our asset management tools help you to identify each network asset, capture detailed information about it and then filter, store or export the results for further analysis, which means that we can tell you at any time, exactly what computer hardware and software you own.

This is an invaluable service, easily answering questions such as "How many PCs do I have using an old version of windows?", or "How many copies of MS Office am I using?"

Asset change reporting is also very powerful, detailing the addition, removal or upgrading of any hardware or software. This can be useful for software license management, and also from a security perspective to help identify theft or tampering with computer hardware.

  • Increase Uptime:  Asset management helps ensure that servers and workstations are running the latest patches and software updates reducing issues and security breaches.
  • Save Money on Hardware:  Some issues can be easily solved by updating the OS or firmware rather than replacing or upgrading equipment. Our asset management system provides a macro view of your entire current installation base so you can easily identify opportunities for hardware and software upgrades to maximise the performance of your existing equipment.
  • Manage Your PC Asset Investment:  Asset management means you have full visibility of your servers and workstations including OS, patches, installed software, BIOS, Windows services, warranty info and more, keeping you on top of registrations & licences and ensuring that you're audit compliant.   It also gives you visibility of PC and server hardware specifications, and assists in planning for hardware replacements.
  • Theft and tampering:  Change reporting can identify unauthorised removal of hardware components or alteration of IT equipment.


Asset Management