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Network Security

Securing your network against outside threats is one of the most important basic aspects of your IT solution.

Network Security falls into 5 broad categories:

  • Network edge security - your Firewall, which controls who can access your network, what data can come into your network, and what can go out of your network.
  • Secure Remote Access - providing suitably secure remote access facilities where appropriate.
  • Endpoint virus protection - protecting your PCs and laptops from local virus infections.
  • Email virus and malware protection - scanning all of your incoming email to prevent malware entering your business, and also scanning your outgoing email to make sure that you are not inadvertently spreading malware from compromised PCs.
  • Internet content filtering - scanning your internet traffic to ensure that viruses and malware are not downloaded from web pages.

It is vital that your firewall matches your business requirements, allowing authorised traffic, preventing intruders and providing an appropriate level of security.  We use and recommend the Sophos range of Unified Threat management (UTM) appliances as our preferred Firewall solution.

Sophos offers more than "just" a firewall; these appliances offer a complete turnkey security solution in one appliance:

  • Firewall - controls who can and cannot access your network.
  • Secure remote access - provides secure VPN access for authorised mobile and telecommuting staff.
  • Email and web traffic Antivirus scanning .
  • Internet content filtering - block your staff from accessing undesirable internet content such as porn, gambling, entertainment or shopping.
  • Reporting - no security solution is complete without reporting; you need to know what is happening on your network, how many threats are being blocked, and who is trying to access banned websites - Sophos offers comprehensive reporting and visibility.
  • Choice - a range of models and capabilities to suit every size and scale of business.



Network Security

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Network Edge Security

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