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Excellent Software & Solutions

About Us

Excellent Software & Solutions has specialised in 'one stop shop' mission critical wholesale distribution and retail management systems since 1990.

Our fresh approach to IT focuses on maximising long term value and nurturing long term mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.

We work hard to standardise solutions and services around best of breed technologies and ensure our team are informed and trained so you can be supported by any member our team.

Delivering ongoing competitive advantage and value for money has been the key to retaining customers for 20 years!

Every day, from the top of the North to the bottom of the South, over 1000 business staff rely on our point of sale, business management and support services.

It's a responsibility that we take seriously and this keeps us focused on constantly improving system reliability and customer service.

Our client base is a community of independent businesses with similar needs sharing the cost of a specialised IT service which is focused on increasing their competitive advantage.

We are driven to design and build IT solutions that focus on bottom line performance, reliability and value.

Our multi-disciplinary team answers your calls 24/7.

A key to our success has certainly been that 'the buck stops here'!


About Us 

Shared IT Department

Focused on Business

Shared Knowledge

Exceptional Value

Dedicated Team

Reliabiility & Quality