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Sales Conversion Ratios & People Counting

Retailers have been utilising simple door counters to measure daily store traffic for many years. The Excellent Software & Solutions door counter takes people counting to a new level by recording door counts online down into 5 minute intervals. This provides conversion ratios by hour of the day and day of the week providing management with accurate data to assist with staff scheduling and measuring the effectiveness of advertising and in-store promotions.

Uncover the full potential of your retail operation by integrating a people counting solution into your video surveillance system. Retailers can optimise store performance by tweaking staffing levels and opening hours all while getting an accurate sales conversation rate.

We are the first company in New Zealand to integrate a bespoke people counting solution into IP based video surveillance technology, delivering an accurate, easy to implement, and very cost effective solution.

Axis Communications IP cameras are the basis of the system, and Axis was so impressed with our solution, they used us as an international case study. Learn more

Benefits of People Counting System

  • Properly measure sales conversion rate.
  • Evaluate traffic trends and customer flow.
  • Automated data collection, removing the "human element".
  • Integrates Seamlessly with our flagship RETAIL-PLUS retail management suite.
  • Determine opening hours.
  • Improve staffing levels.
  • Evaluate the impact of advertising and promotion campaigns.


What is a People Counting System?

A people counting system is exactly that.  It counts the number of people walking into and out of an entrance. The data is uploaded regularly to a database and can then be accessed for analysis purpose. The same methodology can also be used to count vehicles, bicycles or animals, if needed.


How does the People Counting System Work?

We embed our bespoke people counting software onto an IP camera and turn into a people counting appliance. The camera is mounted just above the entrance or traffic area, and once it is programmed it will detect the movement of a person passing through the count zone, and it will count them. All of the counting is done in the actual camera, and the complete solution is very simple and easy to use.

We can deploy the solution at a single location or at multiple locations and we can integrate the data into your database.



People Counting 

IP Network Camera

Database Integration


Cost Effective

Intregrated with RETAIL-PLUS